Innovation Grants

Innovation Grants


The King George Education Foundation (KGEF) supports efforts to enhance the quality of education in our public schools through innovation and creativity.  The Foundation seeks proposals that present promising ideas for achieving the district’s curricular goals, enhancing students’ personal development, and/or encouraging links with the community.  Proposals not selected to receive the KGEF Innovation Grant will be posted to the Foundation’s website for an opportunity to be directly funded by a community member, business or organization.


Grant Application Guidelines:

  • This is a competitive process and any King George County School Division (KGCSD) employee may apply. 
  • Parents, community members, and students may submit project proposals in collaboration with a KGCSD employee.
  • Applicants may request funding up to $500 per proposal, though smaller proposals are encouraged.
  •  The Grant Application Template is provided on pages 4-9 of the attached document.  Please follow that template when constructing your application.   
  • The KGEF must receive all grant applications by close of business (4:00 pm) Friday, October 6th, 2023 at the Foundations email address or mailbox at the school board office.
  • The KGEF grant committee will announce the winning proposal(s) at the November 6, 2023 school board meeting.
  • Grant recipient(s) will receive funds at the November 6, 2023 school board meeting.

Grant Funding Terms and Conditions:

  • Grants are not intended to replace school division’s funding.
  • KGCSD employees cannot be financially compensated with grant funds.
  • Equipment and/or materials (non-consumable items) purchased with grant proceeds become property of the school system and will be designated for use by the grant recipient.
  • Ownership of these items will remain with the school when the applicant leaves the division.
  • Equipment and/or materials bought through grant funding which are not used in line with the written proposal and/or school division policies may be reassigned.
  • Each grant recipient will be required to provide a presentation, in the form of a PowerPoint file or Google Docs equivalent, to KGEF which summarizes how the money was spent and what was accomplished. That presentation should be composed of 5 sections as outlined below, each of which may contain more than one slide if necessary.  This is due by May 23, 2024.  Here’s the outline:
        1. Project Summary Section: Brief description of the project and what it accomplished, including anecdotes and photographs of activities and children (with parental photo releases) participating in those activities.
        2. Estimated Costs vs. Actual Costs Section: Provide a brief description of each expense, the amount expended on each item, and the amount and source of any matching funds. Include sources of other funding (if the project was funded by multiple sources in addition to the Innovation Grant)
        3. Challenges Section: Describe the expected primary challenges of the project and how they will be overcome/addressed.
        4. Student/Staff Benefits Section: Describe the expected benefits to KG Students/Staff
        5. Community Benefits Section: Describe the expected benefits to community (may be combined with Student Benefits Section if appropriate).
  • In addition, each recipient is expected to brief the KG School Board on the results of their project, using the aforementioned presentation. This usually occurs sometime in May of the school year in which the Grant was made.
  • KGEF must be recognized on any publication and or announcements related to funded proposals. This requirement is necessary to ensure continued growth of KGEF through public awareness and public support.  Funds not spent by the end of the school year (5/23/24) must be returned to the Foundation.
  • Failure to comply with these terms & conditions could disqualify a recipient from receiving future funding through the KGEF Innovation Grant process.

Proposal  Selection Criteria:

The KGEF grant committee will select a grant recipient(s) based on the merit of their project proposal.  Consideration will only be given to proposals with a budget of $500.00 or less.  The committee will use the following criteria to judge the project proposals:

  1. Innovatively stimulates and motivates students to achieve academic excellence. (10 points)
  2. The project enhances and improves student achievement in the following ways. (Each letter is worth 10 points for a total of 60 points)
        • Engages students as active participants in the learning process
        • Encourages specific improvement in students’ skills and attitudes
        • Nurtures the students’ desire to learn and create
        • Supports Virginia standardized tests and/or other Division goals
        • Addresses an underserved need
        • Has a lasting benefit, opposed to a one-time event

3. The project can be replicated – (10 points) – Can be easily and inexpensively adapted for use by other employees and/or schools

4. Collaboration with others – (10 points) – Collaborative efforts across disciplines and between school administrations, teachers (or other employees), students, parents, and/or community are encouraged

5. Budget is clear and effectively supports the proposal – (10 points)

        • Includes a complete itemization of expenses, including shipping
        • Reflects expenditures that directly support the proposed activities
        • Indicates other source(s) of funding if the total project cost exceeds $500
        • Establishes a base for continued activities that will not require future Foundation funding