The King George Education Foundation can not exist with out the generous donations from the community. Please consider making a donation to support our programs. KGEF is recognized as a nonprofit public charity by the IRS. Donors can deduct contributions made to our organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 170. 

What to Give

A summary of the goods needed for FoxSmart can be found here.  A summary of the donations needed for STEM can be found here.

How to Give

  • You can send us a check at the address below (preferred) or 
  • You can use Stripe using the link below and 
  • If you are an employee of the King George County School Division you can also make contributions via payroll deduction – please click here for a printable Payroll Deduction Authorization form and then follow the steps for completing and submitting the form.

Designated vs General Donations

You have the choice of providing a general donation (undesignated) or a designate donation.  A designated donation is one that is specifically allocated to a specific purpose whereas a general donation can be used to support any of our programs as the need arises.  If you wish to designated your donation for a specific purpose, please send us an email or letter that specifies:  (a) the amount you are donating, (b) the purpose for which you want it to be allocated, as well as (c) your name & contact information.  For STEM designated donations you can use the online STEM Donation Form (click here) or you can send this information by email to or by letter the mailing address below.

Example Areas of Designated Donations

Top Level Examples:  At the very top level, you could specify if your donation should be applied to FoxSmart or to STEM Initiatives.   

STEM Detailed Examples:   Under STEM you have several choices for donation designation:

  • STEM General Fund – This is used for everything under KGEF STEM initiatives and will be allocated based on needs & priorities. 
  • Space Camp Fund – This is used to fund Space Camp Scholarships  
  • Camp Invention Fund – This is used to fund Camp Invention Scholarships  
  • General STEM Equipment Fund – This is a general fund used to purchase STEM Equipment and will be allocated based on the KG School Division’s needs & priorities. 
  • Designated STEM Equipment Fund– This is used to purchase particular pieces of STEM Equipment that you specify below using the unique Item ID#’s from the STEM Equipment List and the quantity for each.

Payment Addresses & Links


Please make Checks Payable to:

King George Education Foundation or KGEF

Please mail Checks to:

King George Education Foundation
9100 St. Anthony’s Rd
PO Box 1239
King George, VA 22485

Online Payment

The button below can accept payment from Credit Cards, via the Stripe payment system.

Note:   If you are designating your donation to purchase a specific piece(s) of STEM Equipment, please add 2.9% plus $0.30 to your overall donation amount, to compensate for PayPal’s automatic processing fees.