KGEF Programs Overview

The Foundation currently has 5 active programs:

  • Innovation Grants:  The KGEF awards grants each fall to school division employees for proposals that present innovative ideas for achieving the division’s curricular goals, enhance students’ personal development, and/or encourage links with the KG community
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) – We work collaboratively with the STEM teachers at all levels in KGCS, to identify their needs, develop innovative solutions and seek new opportunities to enrich the STEM educational experience for all KG students.
  • FoxSmart Center:  Introduced in 2018 to assist not only our teachers, nurses, staff, counselors, social workers ~ helping to minimize their ‘out-of-pocket’ financial impact. but also reaching out to students/families in need ~ working in partnership with KGCS Family Services to obtain primarily school supplies and some hygiene items. Our newly implemented electronic Teacher/KG Family Services Supply Request Form allows for easier  selection and shopping for teachers/staff in addition to assisting the FoxSmart Team’s effort in expediting their processing/delivery.
  • Partners in Education (PIE):  A partnership with us is defined as a ‘voluntary relationship that is formed between a business organization and one or more schools or the school division.’ These relationships create support systems designed to meet the needs of the schools through the community partners to the benefit of both.
  • Evening of Excellence (EOE):  Each Spring the KGEF hosts an  annual Evening of Excellence awards ceremony honoring Outstanding Support Staff, PTA Educators of the year, Donors, new Partners in Education, and school and KGCS Division Teachers of the Year, as well as recognize the prior school year’s Innovation Grant recipients.

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