FoxSmart is a resource center provided by King George Education Foundation with a primary focus on providing school supplies for children in need (i.e., who’s parents can’t afford them), as determined by the school counselors.  In addition, we also provide some limited supplies in the areas of personal hygiene, etc. for children in need.  For teachers, we offer some limited support to purchase supplies the teachers would otherwise pay for out of their own pocket – but only after school resources have been exhausted. FoxSmart is not intended to serve as an avenue for providing mainstream supplies for all classrooms and students, as that is not our mission nor do we have resources to do that.

List of Needs:  Our most needed donations include:

  • For students:   Hand held calculator, dry erase markers, dry erase board cleaner, graph paper, pencil boxes, post it note pads, primary large lead pencils, scotch tape, stapler/staples, sharpies (fine point), white out
  • For families:   Coats (PS/ES sizes), first aid items, hoodies (MS/HS sizes), lice treatment, socks (PS/ES sizes), t-shirts (MS/HS sizes), underwear (PS/ES sizes 3T/4T/S/M/L)
  • For classrooms:   Antibacterial wipes, baby wipes
  • For infirmary/nurses:   First aid items, plastic gloves
  • For the full list of donated items FoxSmart accepts, click here.

FoxSmart Business Hours:  We can accept Supply Requests 24hrs/day 7days/week.  Our volunteers will deliver the items to you as quickly as possible during normal school hours.

Contact For inquiries & appointments please contact