STEM Initiatives

(Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math)

We have three initiatives underway to augment, enhance, and expand the King George County School (KGCS) system’s education programs in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM):


(1) Fund raising to purchase STEM equipment, tools and supplies for the KGCS classrooms at all levels, K-12.

(2) Fund raising to support STEM after-school programs, local STEM summer camps, and scholarships to advanced STEM camps like Space Camp, etc.

(3) Leveraging the STEM programs of national professional societies like the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, to bring real-life experiences & career professionals in STEM into the class room.

We work collaboratively with the STEM teachers at all levels in KGCS, to identify their needs, develop innovative solutions and seek new opportunities to enrich the STEM educational experience for all KG students.

STEM Fund Raising Goals

STEM Equipment: Through collaboration with all the KG public schools we have identified ~$165K in needs for STEM equipment and supplies.  Each of these needs is categorized by what functional impact they have on STEM education (i.e., technical focus areas), what grade & school requested it and prioritized into three tiers. So a potential donor can clearly see the following:

industry, industry 4, web


  • How their money would be spent (aligned with KGCS priorities),
  • What it would be used for (itemized listing of STEM equipment, tools, etc),
  • Where their money would go (which schools & grades),
  • What impact it will have on the student (e.g. cognitive skills, etc.)

A donor can pick and choose which items they want to fund, or they can provide a general donation to the STEM Equipment Fund and we will invest the money in accordance with the KGCS priorities. The summary spreadsheet containing the itemized lists for each of the three elementary school can be accessed using the STEM Equipment Needs button below.  The middle and high school needs lists will be added when they are finalized. Details about the STEM equipment needed can be found by clicking the blue STEM Equipment Lists button below.

Summer Camps:  In addition to providing STEM equipment, we would like to expand our Space Camp merit-based scholarships (~$2,200/ea) to send six KG students in summer of 2022.  This is the top STEM camp in the country, if not the world, and is an excellent opportunity for 5th grade students.   We would also like to provide 30 needs-based scholarships ($235/ea) to the Camp Invention held locally at KG Elementary School each summer, which is a phenomenal program for K-6 that is subsidized by the National Inventor’s Hall of Fame.  Details about these amazing camps can be found by clicking the blue buttons below.  In addition, the trip report from our 2020 Space Camp Scholar is provided in the following section.   

How to Give:  In summary, we are hoping to raise ~$185k for STEM Equipment, ~$13k for Space Camp Scholarships, and ~$7k for Camp Invention Scholarships.  If you are interested in helping us achieve those goals, we would welcome your contributions – no matter how small (several STEM equipment items are between $30-$50).  The online STEM Donation Form (click here) will help those interested in designating donations in these areas.  This form as well as additional information on giving can both also be accessed using the green buttons below

Broadwood Space Camp Scholarship - Trip Report 2020

The Broadwood scholarship sends one 5th grade girl from KGCS to Space Camp each year.  It was started in 2020 and Miss Abigail Dunn was the first Broadwood scholar to go to Space Camp.  Her trip report is contained in the presentation below and some of her photos are shown in the carousel.  Details on the Broadwood scholarship can be also found below.