STEM Equipment Lists

September 2023
KGEF STEM Pages are being updated. Please check back for updated information in the future.

Caution - How To Use This Page

The display below contains the detailed prioritized lists for all three KG elementary schools.  Inside that window you can scroll up, down, left and right to view the entire sheet.  You can also print or download the entire file for closer inspection.  In addition, you can click on the Item Name (blue underscored) to find the link to the product’s description.  Some of those links go to and some go to the manufacturer’s website depending. 

We request that you please DO NOT purchase the items directly from these sites (Amazon or the manufacturer). 

Instead please use online STEM Donation Form (click here) or send us an email or letter that specifies:  (a) the amount you are donating, (b) the purpose for which you want it to be allocated, as well as (c) your name & contact information.  You can send this by email to or by letter the mailing address found on our Giving page, which also contains more detailed instructions. These pages can also be accessed using the Green Buttons below.  

This way we can ensure that the schools do not get too many copies of a given item.  If you purchase them directly, we have no ability to coordinate across the donations to avoid that.  Thank you for your understanding & support!

STEM Equipment Lists for King George Public Schools

NOTE:  There are 5 separate tabs shown at the bottom on this display which contain the Elementary School, Middle School and High School Lists for STEM Equipment.  (Use the outside scroll bar to get there.)